Coding Projects

In this section I present some of the coding projects I've delved in lately, just for fun.  

Hunt the Wumpus

Wumpus Cover

Download Wumpus: CPlusPlus

This is a clone of the classic BASIC game Hunt the Wumpus, made in C++ during the course of a single day. The player needs to hunt the Wumpus, a mythical creature that is located somewhere in the underground maze. To  hunt it, the player needs to know where it is and shoot it with a spear. However, the player only has one spear and there are bottomless pits. The only clues available to the player are a Stench when the Wumpus is nearby, a Breeze when there's a pit nearby and Glitter when there's gold in the room. I did this project as a way of reinforcing my C++ skills, using a project that dealt with player input, multidimensional arrays, pointer usage, classes and gameplay loops. Below is the code for the entire project.



Tic-Tac-Lua Cover

Download Tic-Tac-Lua: Lua

This is the classic game Tic-Tac-Toe, done in Lua during a 3-4 hour time period.

In this game, the player needs to place three "X" symbols in a row, while avoiding the computer from doing the same. I did this project as a way of remembering and reinforcing my Lua scripting skills, while using good coding practices and concepts like functions, user input, game loop and multidimensional tables for the game board. Below is the code for the entire project.