• Collaborated with lead designers, artists and writers to implement in-game levels and tutorials teaching players how to build in the Toy Box and how to use Sidekicks.
  • Built levels – geometry, gameplay flow and cutscenes – using the Toy Box tools present in game.
  • Prototyped, designed gameplay flow and implemented missions and tutorials using the proprietary visual scripting language Meridian.
  • Maintained, polished and debugged all tutorials and levels assigned to for Disney Infinity 3.0
  • Wrote, recorded and edited 35 video tutorials explaining logic toys -all available in the official Disney Infinity Youtube Channel-.
  • Answered fan questions about logic toys in forums, social media and Youtube comments.
  • Selected from the community to work full time at Avalanche Software.


Made With Proprietary Tools:

Droid in Distress

Pieced Together

Sidekick Square One

Plotting for Plants

Marvelously Designed

Amazing Treasure Hunt


Made With Toy-Box Tools (In-Game):

Nick Wilde: Undercover Cop

The Legendary Pirate Duffy

Launchpad’s Crystal Hunt

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