Responsibilities: Took ownership of the Zombies map Blood of the Dead, establishing player spawns, enemy spawns, playable areas, doors, perk machines locations and wallbuy locations. Implemented several sidequests and three steps for the Main Questfor the map Blood of the Dead using our propietary tools: Spoon Quest, Pack-a-Punch Quest, […]

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Responsibilities: Collaborated with lead designers, artists and writers to implement in-game levels and tutorials teaching players how to build in the Toy Box and how to use Sidekicks. Built levels - geometry, gameplay flow and cutscenes - using the Toy Box tools present in game. Prototyped, designed gameplay flow and […]

Disney Infinity 3.0

Responsibilities: Built levels - geometry, gameplay flow and cutscenes - using the Toy Box tools present in game. Wrote, recorded and edited 31 video tutorials explaining logic toys -all available in the official Disney Infinity Youtube Channel-. Answered fan questions about logic toys in forums, social media and Youtube comments. […]

Disney Infinity 2.0

Download Link:  Responsibilities: Implemented Snake Boss Fight - including Fire Trail Attack, Fire Tornado, Acid Pool and Strong Gust Designed and implemented the Hand of Anubis/Blink puzzle room in level 1. Watch the boss fight!

Hymn of the Sands

Development Facts: Genre: Adventure Engine: UDK (Gears of War) Development Time: 300 hours Role: Sole Developer Game Features:  Old-school adventure genre gameplay in the Gears of War universe. Brand new systems: inventory system, conversation system and environment interaction system. Download Link: High Concept: Find Reggie, the drinking buddy of a […]


In this section I present some of the coding projects I've delved in lately, just for fun.   Hunt the Wumpus Download Wumpus:  This is a clone of the classic BASIC game Hunt the Wumpus, made in C++ during the course of a single day. The player needs to hunt […]

Coding Projects